Steel Types

Single and Double Reduced Steel Types

Steel TypeFeatures
LIt is a base-metal steel, low in metalloids and residual elements making it ideal for containers requiring improved corrosion resistance.
MRIt is a base-metal steel, similar in metalloid content to Type L but less restrictive in residual elements. It is the most commonly used steel type for tinplate products.
DIt is an aluminum killed base-metal steel that is used for severe drawing applications or to prevent fluting or stretcher-strain markings.

Tin Coated Sheet Steel Types

Steel TypeFeatures
CSB (CQ)Commercial Steel is for simple bending or moderate forming. It can be bent flat upon itself in any direction at room temperature.
DS (DQ)Drawing Steel has a greater degree of ductility and is more consistent in performance than commercial steel because of higher standards in production, selection, and melting of the steel.
DDS (DQSK)Deep Drawing Steel is used for fabrication of parts with stringent drawing requirements or applications that require the sheet be free from aging. This quality is produced through special steelmaking and finishing practices.

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