Ohio Coatings Company (OCC), a world-class producer of tin plate steel, was established in 1993 as a joint venture company of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation (now Esmark Steel Group) and Dongyang Tinplate of South Korea (now TCC Steel).

Constructed in 1995 along the Ohio River in Yorkville, Ohio, OCC’s production facility was the first electrolytic tin plating mill to be built in North America in over 30 years.

Ohio Coatings’ 130,000 square foot production facility is an industry model of maximum efficiency in electrolytic tin plate manufacturing.  From the foundation up, the plant is state-of-the art, computer controlled, and monitored.  Each station along the continuous 550 foot line significantly contributes to the quality and integrity of the finished coil.  What started as just an idea in 1992 is now an important, world-wide resource for premium electrolytic tin plate, and the leader in an industrial revolution in the art and science of tin plate production.

Now in its 23rd year of operation, the OCC family has hit its stride with the capability to produce 300,000 tons per year of the highest quality tin plate.

Production Facts

Line Type:Ferrostan Electrolytic Plating Line with MSA Electrolyte
Annual Capacity:300,000 Tons
Line Speed:1,475 feet per minute
Length of Line:550 feet
Amount of strip in line:4,334 feet

Our Team of Experts

Teamwork has been a fact of life since before the Ohio Coatings’ operation put its tin plating line in motion.  The carefully selected team of operators, technicians, and experienced staff work together in an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and problem solving.  Each individual is expected to be an essential part of the decision making process, as well as our ongoing efforts towards safety and quality. Intensive, formal training continues to introduce all employees to multi-craft skills and the essentials of working together to uphold Ohio Coatings’ quality standards.
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