Tin coated steel has been a packaging and manufacturing medium for more than a century. Ohio Coatings’ tin plated products are used to package soups, vegetables, sauces, meats, pet foods, juices, beverages, and coffees, as well as for products such as oil filters, paint cans, aerosol cans, baking pans, food trays, and alkaline battery jackets. Today, the steel industry is manufacturing steel that’s thinner and stronger than ever before, and tin plated steel continues to gain importance as a versatile and important packaging and manufacturing material.

Our tin plated coils are made by electrolytically applying tin to the surface of black plate coils with a gauge range of 0.0061 thru 0.0251 inches.  Its shiny surface, superb corrosion resistance, formability, weldability, and printability make tin plate an ideal choice for the use in a broad range of applications for the food industry and the industrial parts producers.

Single Reduced:  Refers to steel that is cold rolled to final ordered gauge of 0.0149 inches and lighter then annealed.

Double Reduced:  Refers to steel that is given a partial cold reduction to reach an intermediate gauge, then annealed and given another cold reduction to the final gauge. The resulting product is stiffer, harder, and stronger than single reduced, in some cases, allowing customers to utilize lighter gauge steel in their application. It is produced in gauges from 0.0118 inches and lighter.

Tin Coated Sheet:  Refers to cold rolled steel that is for applications that need good solderability, surface appearance, and a degree of corrosion resistance.  It is produced in gauges of 0.0150 thru 0.0251 inches.

Tin Plate Product Options: Steel Type, Temper, Annealing, Surface Finish, Size (gauge and width), Coating Weight, Reflow, Chem Treatment, Oiling, Packaging, Shipping.

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